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We are always looking for qualified, responsible coaches to join our team.  We are currently filling roles for male and female coaches, age 16+, with or without prior work experience. We also have “Coach in Training” positions available for 15 year olds.

Please fill out the application below so we can learn a little more about you.  We will respond promptly with next steps.

Please Contact Us if you have additional questions.


June 1, 2023:

While we are always looking for awesome individuals to join our team, we have been hiring for several months and have fully staffed our summer schedule.  Any future qualified applicants will be added to our roster of on-call coaches this summer.  We do not want to discourage you from applying, just note we likely will not be able to guarantee full time work at this time. 

Additionally, we are currently preparing for our busiest time of year and are slammed with last minute preparations. Please allow us several days to reply to your application.

Thank you for your patience.

The BeachSports Team

We understand schedules may change. Please provide a reasonable selection based on what you expect your schedule to be. Camp is a Monday through Friday commitment each week.

Holiday Camps

Join us on your day off! Next up: Mon, 9/25

Private Parties

Fall Weather is great for Beach Parties!

Private Lessons

All Ages & Abilities | Year-Round!

Surf Lessons

All Ages & Abilities / Year-Round

Skateboard Lessons

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