A day at the beach is an amazing thing – the look of excitement on your kid’s face when you tell them to put on their swimsuit says it all! Castles made of sand, running full speed into the glistening ocean, diving under crashing waves, tossing the ball around with friends…there’s really nothing like a summer day at the beach. But the beach isn’t just a fun place to take your family, it’s also good for your health! Read on to learn the many health benefits of the salt, sand, and sea.


Salt Water Cures All

The big, blue, beautiful ocean offers it’s waves for us to play in, it’s cool temperatures to give us relief from the summer sun, and it’s calming presence to help us relax. But all that ocean water is also good for your health. One of salt water’s most beneficial powers is that it’s naturally antibacterial. Cuts, inflammation, even acne can be helped by a dip in the ocean. The salty sea air is also good for your respiratory system, helping you breathe a little easier. Soak it all in!


Relax to the Max

A day at the beach is many things – fun, active, social, and totally relaxing. Your body is instantly overcome with a calming presence as soon as you dig your toes into the sand and hear the sound of crashing waves. Research shows that the beach is good for your brain – helping reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, and increase your overall well being. So sit back, relax, and let the beach do the work.


Vitamin D

A bright, sunny day offers more than just a good excuse to go outside. Along with being our planet’s biggest source of energy, the sun also provides your body with all sorts of goodness it needs, including vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that your bones need, and it helps your immune system and metabolism. It’s also great for mental health – you know how good it feels to step outside on a sunny day!

Be sure you’re cautious when soaking up the sun – consistently applying sunscreen, especially after you’ve gone in the ocean, will keep you safe all day long.


Work It Out

No need to hit the gym the day you visit the beach – you’re basically guaranteed to burn calories as soon as your feet hit the sand. Don’t get us wrong – the beach is a great place to relax, but activity is naturally built in. Swimming in the ocean, diving over and under waves, surfing, paddle boarding, bodysurfing, even just walking down the shore! In fact, walking or running on the sand is known to be better for your body than grass or pavement.

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