The Importance of Outdoor Activity

School is out, the sun is shining, and the great outdoors are calling! Summertime is the right time for your kids to get those much needed playdays outside. We’ve all heard that outdoor activity is important for kids, but what are the reasons why?

Outdoor activity is an important part of your child’s health and success, both physically and mentally. It’s natural for kids to want to move their muscles outside, whether it’s swimming, running, dancing, skateboarding, or simply taking a walk. Not only will it help your child explore their imagination, creativity, and exert themselves physically, but it’s just a ton of fun! Read on to learn a few reasons why spending the summertime outdoors is a great idea.


Let’s get physical

As children grow, it’s important to provide outlets that allow them to exert their natural energy and develop healthy skill-sets. Physical outdoor activity helps children build strength, focus, self-esteem, and endurance. It also allows them to develop social skills, learning to work together with their friends and peers.

When kids learn these skills at a young age, they develop healthy habits that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Teaching the benefits of physical activity to your kids now will give them the power to build a long active and healthy life in the future.


Sunshine, sunshine, it’s fine!

There is no better way to soak up the sun than playing outdoors. And the sun is a great source of natural Vitamin D – a necessary nutrient for growing bodies.  

So why is Vitamin D so important for kids? A variety of vitamins and minerals are needed for us to grow as healthy human beings, and Vitamin D is no exception. Vitamin D helps our bodies body build strong bones and sunlight exposure is a great way to absorb it.

Sunshine also a serious mood booster! A day in the sun can turn any frown around. However, be sure you’re safe when exposing yourself and your children to the sun – a great sunscreen applied properly throughout the day will help you and your kids absorb all the goodness the sun can provide, keeping you and your family happy all summer long.


Sleeping better

Have you ever gone on a long hike or had a great workout and slept like baby at night? It’s the same for kids! Increased screen time and a more sedentary lifestyle can hinder a child’s ability to sleep throughout the night, but outdoor activity will help them sleep better. Physical activity and exposure to sunlight are both known to help regulate sleep and increase sleep quality. If your child is having trouble falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night, incorporate more outdoor play time into their schedule and you’ll start to notice a difference.


Building imagination and creativity

The world is your child’s oyster, especially when they’re outside exploring it. Giving your child the gift of playing outdoors allows them to explore their imagination and creativity. Do you remember the outdoor games you used to play as a child? Wet sand at the beach magically became a castle; a jungle gym made you a monkey; diving into a pool allowed you to fly. Letting your child explore the great outdoors will open up their imagination and take them to fun and exciting new places – ones they’ve created for themselves!  


Don’t worry, be happy

The health benefits of outdoor activity are vast and important, but no one can deny just how fun it is for a child to play outdoors! The happiness that comes from a dive into the ocean, playing tag in the park, or simply running around the backyard is infectious. Spending the day playing outdoors will bring out the big smiles – for your child AND for you!

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