By the BeachSports Team

Summer is right around the corner, and as soon as that final school bell rings, your child’s schedule will suddenly open right up. Curious how to fill those long summer days with fun activities for your kids? Beach camp just may be the answer!

The benefits of having your child spend their summer days on the beach are boundless. Below, we’ve highlighted four reasons why beach camps are a great activity for your kids this summer.


Learning about Ocean Safety

Living near the beach has endless benefits – sunshine, strand walks, sand castles, shining blue seas. However, it can be dangerous for children to play in the ocean without knowing proper ocean safety. Beach camps provide kids with the knowledge they need to safely play in the ocean, and know how to identify dangerous situations in the water should they arise.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to ocean safety – how to navigate rip tides, what to look out for when swimming or surfing, how to relax and call for help when needed, and the benefits of speaking with and swimming near a lifeguard. Beach camps help build your child’s confidence at the beach, ensuring they have all the skills they need to have a safe and fun summer, and allowing you to breathe a little easier.

Staying Active

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s recommended that kids get at least one hour of exercise each day. With such a variety of options to keep your kids busy these days – exercise can sometimes get lost in the mix. In fact, studies show that only one in three kids are physically active every day. Beach camps are a great way to get your kids off the couch and active throughout the summer.

Each activity on the beach is as fun as it is active. From surfing to obstacle courses to capture the flag, beach games ignite the excitement within kids and get them moving. They’ll also learn the importance of staying active, helping them adopt valuable fitness lessons they can use throughout their entire lives.  


Trying New Experiences

Beach camp allows kids to get out of their comfort zone by trying new experiences. Sometimes, the ocean can be a big, daunting place for a child – but with the right instructor and the knowledge of ocean safety, diving in, learning to surf, or boogie boarding with friends becomes that much easier. These experiences help children develop new skills and grow their confidence.


Making New Friends

Staying social and learning to communicate with new friends is one of the great benefits of beach camp. By participating in cooperative games, learning about the ocean, and trying new experiences together, beach camps give kids a great opportunity to connect and play, fostering teamwork and accomplishing new things together. At camp, kids will create lasting friendships and memories they’ll never forget.

At BeachSports, we’ve collaborated with lifeguards and local school teachers to create a program that is inclusive, fun, educational, and most importantly, safe for all of our campers. The instruction they learn at camp will help them enjoy the beach safely for years to come!

To learn more about BeachSports and to sign up for our beach, surf, volleyball, Jr. Lifeguard, or skateboard camps, visit our website at

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