Terms & Conditions

Using Your Class Pack

Applies to Manhattan Beach & Redondo Beach Class Packs Only

Class Packs can be used at our Redondo or Manhattan Beach BeachSports and PCH Skate Camp locations only.  Hermosa Beach programs are scheduled through the City of Hermosa Beach which, unfortunately, limits flexibility with our passes.

Advanced registration is required for each camp day at least 24 hours prior to the start of camp.  This means you must have signed up online or with the office for a particular camp on a specific day.  Example: Surf Camp, August 4th, 9AM-2PM.

Unscheduled “Drop-ins” will not be accepted. This is a safety issue. We staff our programs based on the number of campers registered each day.  If you show up unannounced, you compromise our Coach to Camper ratio which ultimately affects the safety and quality of our program.

If we have a cancellation, no-show or are overstaffed for a program, our Head Coach or Location Director will determine if a “Drop-in” camper can be accepted. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and a $20 drop-in fee will be charged to your account, in addition to one of your Class Pack days, if you are accepted into the program.

Switching between camps or camp times must be done with at least 24-hours notice.  If we’re able to accomodate your switch, a $10 switching fee will apply.

No refund or camp credit will be given if our offices are not notified of an absence prior to your camp start time.  If you have a Class Pack, one class will be deducted from your pack.

Class Packs may be shared between siblings and immediate family only. The sibling or immediate family member must be part of your family account in our Sawyer registration system.

Additional Class Packs can be added to your account throughout summer and an 8% discount will be applied.

For Example: If you order a 5 Class Pack, you’ve run out and you’d like to purchase another 5 Class Pack, your second class pack will be discounted 8%.

Class Packs are valid for summer programs only.  Fall, Winter, Spring and Weekend programs will require their own specific Class Packs or single day rates.

Class Pack Refunds

Applies to Manhattan Beach & Redondo Beach locations & Class Packs only

Unused camp days in your Class Pack will be refunded to your account as cash credit by September 15th or upon request. Unused camp days in your Class Pack will be prorated at the rate of the Class Pack you ended up using.

For Example:
Let’s say you purchased a 10 Class Pack and you attended 7 days of camp.  Your refund will be treated as if you purchased a 5 Class Pack and the additional two days will be charged at the daily rate of the 5 Class Pack.  The math works out as follows:
$350 for the 5 Class Pack = $70 per day
$70 per day multiplied by 7 days = $490 total
Your 10 Class Pack was $650; $650 minus $490 = $160 refunded to you.

Absences will not be refunded.  Many of our programs operate at capacity so it is important that we are notified in advance of an absence to insure another camper is able to participate.  If you’re enrolled in a camp day and you fail to provide 24 hours notice that you cannot attend, no refund will be offered and/or one Class Pack spot will be deducted from your account.

All Season Passes expire at the completion of the summer season and are non-refundable.  If you have concerns about not utilizing enough days to justify the pass, you may want to purchase a 20 Class Pack.  All Season Pass is a great value if you plan to utilize our Early Drop-Off and Extended Days (2PM-5PM).

Hermosa Beach Terms, Conditions & Refund Policy

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Behavior Policy

Applies to all BeachSports & PCH Skate Camp Locations

Our priority at BeachSports & PCH Skate Camps is to provide a safe, fun, inclusive and positive camp environment at all times. Bullying, hitting or other violent behavior or language will not be tolerated.

Campers have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is in the best interests of the camp program, its campers and staff.  Our staff has a responsibility to support your child in the camp setting, be a role model and to follow all safety protocol, including behavior management.

If an incident occurs where a child conducts themself in such a manner which jeopardizes their safety, the safety of others, or negatively impacts others enjoyment of the program, the following steps will be taken.

First Violation
The Head Coach will address and document the issue directly with the child.  The child may be removed from an activity for the day, such as swimming, surfing, skateboarding, etc.  Parents will be contacted during the day or at the end of camp depending on the time and severity of the incident.

Second Violation
The Head Coach will address and document the issue directly with the child. The parent or guardian will receive a phone call and may be asked to pick up their child within the hour. The child may or may not be allowed to attend camp the next day that they are registered.

Third Violation
The Head Coach will address and document the issue directly with the child. Parents may be contacted immediately to pick up their child from camp. The child may be expelled from camp for the remainder of summer depending on the severity of the incident.  Expelled campers recieve a refund based on our standard refund policy.

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