The summer is flying by! With only a few weeks of summer left, we were curious about what some of the best moments on the beach have been so far…so we went straight to the source – BeachSports Coaches! 

Not only does our wonderful team of coaches spend their days teaching campers all sorts of new skills, they also teach them ocean safety, play fun games with them, and make sure they’re having the best summer ever. Read on to hear about some of their favorite moments on the beach so far!

Trent Klaser, Surf Camp Coach 

“I love being a surf coach, the uncontrollable smiles you see on kids faces when they stand up for the first time is easily the best part of my job. But I really love to play the classic game of dodgeball: Coaches vs. Kids. To see about 120 kids lined up to pelt their favorite coach with a ball is pretty comical!”


Roxy Ruther, Jr. Lifeguard Camp Coach 

“I love getting to know each child that comes to camp! Whether encouraging them on a buoy swim or assisting with putting on zinka sunscreen, it’s amazing to get to spend time with the campers every day.” 

Nicole Hay, Beach Camp Coach

“I’m a big fan of medic ball! It’s like dodgeball but the kids all work together to protect their medic who can save the entire team with one touch. The little four year olds along with the older kids get really into the game and it’s fun seeing them all cheer each other on!” 

Russell Wolfe, Surf Camp Coach 

“It’s great when kids have breakthroughs in surfing. Today, two kids who were having a hard time standing up earlier in the week both stood up for the first time. It was awesome!”


Sarah Schemerhorn, Director of Manhattan Beach Camps

“I love playing musical towels because the winner gets to dunk ANY coach in camp! The suspense is quite invigorating when the camper has to think about and choose which coach is going to be soaked!” 

Taylor Amaral, Volleyball Camp Coach

“I love seeing the kids progress in volleyball over the summer, and seeing them really improve their skills in only a week, usually! Also, just the kids in general always put a smile on my face, whether it’s a joke they tell or a silly face they make.”

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