It’s no secret that our Southern California beaches are incredibly beautiful. And while we prepare for a summer full of enjoying that natural beauty, we have to remember that trash, especially plastic, is a major threat to our beaches and oceans. Not just because it’s an ugly sight, but because of the harm it does to the sea and beach life all around the world.

It’s estimated that over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash are currently in our oceans, and that number is growing every day. This trash affects our beaches and oceans in many ways. Sea animals, birds, and fish get caught in plastic nets and rings and often swallow poisonous pieces of plastic. These instances are more often than not fatal.

The good news is that there are major efforts to reduce plastic usage and great organizations working to keep our beaches and oceans clean. With your dedication, you too can help our beaches stay beautiful. Here are a few ways you can ensure you’re doing your part this summer at the beach.


Bring a Trash Bag

Be sure to pack a trash bag along with your boogie boards and towels when heading to the beach this summer. Trash left behind at the beach is one of the easiest things to prevent. When you’re done with your lunch or snack, place all pieces of trash in your trash bag and throw it all away in dedicated trash bins.


Reduce Plastic Use

Reusable bags and containers are a great way to not only store your lunch or snacks, but to ensure that you don’t leave behind any plastics at the beach. Bring utensils from home that you can wash later, and consider investing in a great reusable water bottle instead of plastic cups. Every little bit counts.


Pick Up Trash When You See It

If someone has left behind trash and you spot it, safely pick it up and throw it away! Helping out when you see something lingering on the beach is a great way to keep the area you’re enjoying clean.



There are a variety of wonderful programs working to help keep our beaches and oceans clean everyday, many of whom organize beach clean up days that you can volunteer to be a part of. Participate in a beach cleanup day with one of the organizations below:


Spread the Word

Keeping our beaches clean starts with you! By chatting with your family and friends about these small changes you can make each day at the beach, you’ll help spread the word, and ultimately help keep our beautiful beaches clean and happy.

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