Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to know how to swim to join the Beach Camp?

We accept non-swimmers in our Beach Camp or Volleyball Camp. However, we strongly encourage non-swimmers take swim lessons prior to our camp programs. Participants who cannot swim will not enter the water past knee deep. We do not teach swimming in our programs, but we do educate about the ocean environment including how to read ocean conditions and avoid dangerous situations. You must know how to swim to participate in Surf Camp and JG Programs.

Can I request need to know to swim to join the Beach Camp?

Yes. We group campers by age and ability but you may request friends or family to be in the same group.

Does the camp provide snacks or beverages?

No. Please pack a snack and water bottle for 3 hour camp and include a lunch for the 5 hour camp. We suggest bringing a cooler box so the seagulls don’t take off with your child’s lunch in a paper bag!

Do we bring our own boogie board?

Yes. We do have some boogie board at camp to share but please bring your own if you have one.

Do you make sure the campers reapply sunscreen?

We do have designated breaks to have campers line up and reapply sunscreen. We ask that you instill in your child ahead of time the importance of reapplying and to take the opportunity and do so when asked.

What is your procedure for campers using the restrooms?

Campers never go alone. They will always be accompanied by a BeachSports Coach.

What is your procedure in case of injury?

We immediately take your camper to the Lifeguard station that all of our camps are set up next to. We then let them assess the situation and notify the parent.

Will your coaches administer Epi Pen if necessary?

No. We are legally not allowed to administer Epi pens or anything of the likeness. We do expect your child to be fully knowledgeable and aware of how to use the instrument. If the need arises, we will take them immediately to the County Lifeguard station that we are set up next to.

How can I inform you of my child's food allergies?

When registering online, there is a field to enter any medical conditions we should know about. Feel free to contact us via phone or email to confirm.

Is shade provided?

Yes. We have canopies set up for each camp. This is where the campers lunch, break and keep their belongings.

Do I need to bring a surfboard for surf camp?

No. Soft form Surfboards are provided. If you want to bring your own, please wait until after the first day of camp and speak with your Head Coach.

Does my child need a wetsuit?

Rashguard shirts are provided with paid camp registration. We do not provide wetsuits but your camper can wear his or her own if you choose.

Does my child need to know how to surf somewhat to be Surf Camp?

Our camp is for beginners to intermediate. No surfing experience is necessary.

Does my child need have to do the buoy swim?

We encourage each child to try the buoy swim. We work on building their confidence and strength so they can say “I did it!” A camper is never forced to do an activity they do not wish to.

What type of suit is required for JG? Can you suggest where to buy?

Solid black trunks for boys and solid black one piece suits for the girls (or as close to solid black as you can get) If choosing a 2 piece swim suit make sure there are no strings or ties that can easily come undone during physical training and water time. Dive-n-Surf 504 N Broadway Redondo Beach Ca 90277 310-372-8423

Will my child be ok for JG even if they are not a fast swimmer?

Speed is not the deciding factor for our Junior Lifeguard Program. A basic ocean skill is needed as described under Our Programs for Junior Lifeguard. Strength and building confidence is a key factor in our program.

Do you provide a certificate of completion for the JG program?

No. If you want something in writing that will note completion of two weeks or more of BeachSports Junior Lifeguard program please contact us and we can provide you with that at the completion of camp.

Is your program associated with the County of Los Angless Guard Program?

No. We are completely separate from the County Program. We based our BeachSports Junior Lifeguard Camp after the lessons followed in the LA County Junior Lifeguard. We are a smaller size group and work to build confidence in a non-competitive environment.

Is Volleyball Camp suitable for a very beginner?

Yes, our Volleyball camp is for beginners and intermediate levels. The beginner will be given instruction in all aspects of the sport.

Does my camper need to wear a swim suit for half day volleyball?

There is a chance they will go in the water depending on weather conditions. To be prepared please have your camper wear a swim suit. Should they choose to opt out, they can rest under the canopy in shade.

Do you have an advanced beach volleyball camp?

Yes. If your child is ready to move from intermediate to advanced, please check out Featherstone’s Volleyball Clinic. We teamed up with John Featherstone and this will be our third year having his camp as a part of our BeachSports programs.

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